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Today a young girl knows she can be a doctor or a lawyer, but does she know she can run the country or a Fortune 500 company?  She will, if she attends the Madam President Camp.


This summer the Women in Politics Foundation (“WIP” Foundation) is sponsoring the fourth annual Madam President Camp for girls aged 10-14 (5th-8th grades).  Girls from across the Kansas City area are invited attend this week-long camp offered through UMKC’s Civic Engagement Program and will be held on the UMKC campus and the KU Edwards campus in Overland Park. (Kansas residents only) The dates of the 2015 camps are:

June 8 – 12 -- UMKC campus
June 15 – 19 -- KU Edwards campus


Girls attending the non-partisan camp will be given an exciting introduction to the world of politics.  They’ll learn about leadership, team building and negotiation.  Following the camp each girl will be linked with a mentor, a local civic leader, who will continue to nurture her political interests as she grows into a young woman.  Over time these graduates will create a growing network of politically savvy, confident young women who understand the value of good leadership and working together.  Ultimately they will become a force in the Kansas City community and beyond


The goal of the camp is to plant seeds of interest in politics and community service at a pivotal time in a girl’s life.  During the middle school years girls begin to seriously consider who they are, not only as individuals, but also in relationship to their peers and society as a whole.  At this important time in their development, we want them to know that they have value and a voice in our society.  Not only do they have an absolute right to lead our country, our country NEEDS them.  Whatever avocation these girls ultimately pursue, we want them to know that we are confident in their ability to take on what is arguably the most powerful job in the world, President of the United States.


During the first three camps, the girls met Mayor Sly James, toured Kansas City, MO City Hall, presented questions to the City Council and were introduced by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to an audience attending a bill signing.  Kansas campers attended a Johnson County Commissioners meeting and were recognized by the Board at the meeting.  They learned how government works and they participated in a number of experiential exercises that teach leadership, team building, negotiation and advocating for a cause they believe in.

The WIP Foundation’s ultimate goal is political equality for women.  We believe that true equality will necessarily include diversity.  For this reason, we build diversity into the framework of the Madam President Camp experience.


Campers will have an opportunity to reach beyond their immediate circle and work productively with people of different races, social-economical status and political beliefs.  It is critical that the camp is open to any girl who wishes to attend.  We intend to offer as many scholarship as possible.  To do this, we need your help.

The fee to enroll in the 2015 camps is $300, though the actual cost per camper is considerably more.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation of at least $250 to make it possible for a young girl to attend the Camp.  Your contribution will have a tremendous impact on a girl’s life and ultimately, Country.


Thank you for your support,

Lajuana Counts

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The Women in Politics Foundation and The Madam President Camp expresses its deep and continued appreciation for the support it received from the SkillBuilders Fund for this program.

Made possible by a grant from the Mel Carnahan Public Service Fund at the Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City



Camp Overview:
Girls attending the camp will be given an exciting introduction to the world of politics. Following the camp, each girl will be linked with a mentor who will continue to nurture her political interests as she grows into a young woman. Over time, camp graduates will create a growing network of politically knowledgeable, confident girls, who understand the value of working together, and who are part of the Greater Kansas City political community.
Camp Details:
The camp is designed for girls in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade (ages 10-14). Learning about government at this age will plant the seeds for continued interest as they finish high school and go to college. Developmentally, girls this age often lose sight of the tremendous power of working together and supporting each other. Thus our intent is not only to plant seeds of interest in politics, but also to instill the importance of creating trusting relationships and supportive bonds, and to teach them how to draw on the strength of those bonds. The ability to develop trusting relationships and a network of support is important in life and it's critical in politics!
Basic Structure and Location of Camp:
The camp will be a weeklong day camp with approximately 10-20 girls. In future years, we may wish to extend invitations to girls outside the Kansas City area and to move to an overnight format.
Recruitment of Campers:
The camp will be open to all girls in the greater Kansas City area. Scholarships and a sliding scale will be available through WIP's fundraising efforts. We will advertise to area schools, particularly to government and history teachers.
Learning Targets:
  • Understand government at the local, state and federal levels including:
    • the responsibilities, powers and limitations of government bodies
    • the activities of politicians, the challenges they face and the decisions they make
    • how to run a campaign
    • how to champion a political issue
    In sum, to help girls become familiar with our government and to learn that they have a role in governing our Country as much as anyone else does.
  • Build a sense of pride and confidence in themselves and in their female peers, that they can rely on themselves and gain strength from working together; to develop a network of politically savvy girls across our community. Practice public speaking and negotiation.
  • Get involved in government in a real way by learning how to work for a cause or a candidate.
  • Connect campers with mentors to continue nurture their interests after the camp concludes.